The Entrepreneur Support Program encourages innovation and entrepreneurship to advance energy access in developing countries. EAF identifies opportunities to support leading solar entrepreneurs. Support for innovations and special projects are provided through cost-shared performance-based contracts. This program helps to strengthen local enterprise capacity to ensure that technical service will be available for the long term.  

A significant activity within this program is to involve international students who are studying in graduate degree programs at universities located in New England. There exists a very rich cluster of universities, especially in the greater Boston area, with which we collaborate. EAF engages these students with activities in the emerging energy access space. After they have completed their degrees, they can return to their countries better equipped to help advance energy access.

If humanity is to solve the challenge we face to meet the energy needs of the over one billion people currently without access it will take a very significant amount of new delivery capacity. EAF believes that this delivery capacity can best emerge by supporting the development of local energy enterprises, drawing upon the innate entrepreneurial and technical talent around the world, talent that is poised to help us meet this challenge.


Energy Access Foundation, Inc. is a US 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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